Brian’s Client Testimonials

“I believe that Horizon Wealth has provided my wife and I with informed, professional and appropriate advice within the context of macro trends, taking into account our current goals and objectives.

Brian and Horizon Wealth’s approach is personal, considered, highly professional and valued. The fact that we have been with Horizon Wealth long enough to understand exactly what that means, I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian and the team at Horizon Wealth to a friend, relative, colleague or associate.”



"Horizon Wealth is an organization that prides itself on professionalism and service. Their advice has been excellent and this has been backed up by exemplary service. I would recommend Horizon Wealth to anyone who is serious about ensuring their best financial future."


Executive Chairman, ASX 100 Company

“Very thorough service, nothing is too much effort and compliance and paper work is always at an outstanding standard – the team at Horizon Wealth have high attention to detail!

I would refer people to Horizon Wealth for their insurance needs as Brian and his team are very thorough, and ensure that clients' interests are always fully addressed - with all possible options considered, after doing a thorough analysis.”


Owner/Manager of a Private Equity Fund

"Thanks to Brian and Horizon Wealth, we are not only growing our personal wealth, but are able to enjoy a lifestyle too, typical of Sydney living.

We were referred to Horizon Wealth where, in the space of 2 hours, Brian managed to demonstrate and explain to my wife and I, in terms and language that we understood, how simple it was to make our money grow, using an investment strategy clearly associated to our risk profiles. The team at Horizon Wealth are knowledgeable, personable, approachable and extremely responsive. Most of all it has been a pleasure dealing with them."


General Manager of a medium size Technology Group

“Choosing a financial advisor is a pretty important decision when you are trying to plan for your retirement, so when I decided to change from my previous adviser I decided on my criteria and looked for a company to fit my requirements.

I was looking for experience, knowledge of the markets and somebody that would keep it reasonably simple.

But most of all I wanted someone I could trust because to me trust is the key ingredient once you have determined your other criteria.

That is why I chose Horizon Wealth Management.”


recently retired Chief Executive of a globally listed multinational logistics company  

“As I have no interest in following investment markets and exploring investment opportunities, I rely on my financial adviser to do this for me and select investments that are most suitable for me.  I believe that Horizon Wealth delivers this service very well. 

Further, they advise me on how to best optimise my tax position and insurances.

I would happily refer a friend or relative and have in fact done both.  Horizon Wealth also looks after my mum's money and in addition I have referred a good friend. 

 It gives me peace of mind knowing that my investments are being taken care of with my best interests at heart - by a team of people who I completely trust.

 I never have to worry about how my finances are tracking as Brian and his team keep me posted every step of the way.”


PA to the Headmaster of a Private School and an Investor

“Trust is the greatest value an adviser provides. At the same time it’s also important that my Adviser is completely aware of our financial position and can tailor our portfolio or insurance policies to our needs. Horizon Wealth delivers on both.

Doing business with Brian and Horizon Wealth is the equivalent of gaining expert yet pragmatic advice from a trusted friend or family member.

Although I prefer not to offer financial advice to anyone, I will if asked say that I am personally very satisfied with my relationship with Horizon Wealth.”


Senior Executive and Brand General Manager for a Listed Clothing Retailer

“Horizon Wealth provides advice within a prudent framework. The Advisers have a great understanding of the markets and its various offerings. They are skilled at building a portfolio that meets our requirements and supports our goals and aspirations. They are always ready to listen to our opinions and our assessment of market conditions. They value our input even though we may not possess their detailed knowledge. We don’t feel like a number, rather ‘part of the furniture’.

Horizon Wealth has a flexible, solid and easy to use platform with a very efficient back office. They take care of all the stress when it comes to all the compliance protocols. There is always someone competent who is able to resolve our queries and thus there is no necessity to leave messages. As the advisory practice has been around a while they have a history with fund managers and work with a selected brand of funds that have been tried and tested.

Whenever the opportunity arises and for the reasons above, I have referred a friend to Horizon Wealth and would do so again in the future.”


Executive Chairman and Managing Director of a Communication and Electronics Company

“Brian and the Team at Horizon Wealth provide us with security, trustworthiness, expertise and peace of mind. 

Brian has got to know us personally and what our financial requirements are. This “getting to know us” has been successfully translated in the growth and performance of our portfolio over the past nine years.

 We would have no hesitation in referring our friends or relatives to Horizon Wealth.” 

Cedric and Mary

"I have always been skeptical about insurance relating to health issues. I thought it was unnecessary as we already have so many expenses relating to insurance. Recently,  I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Colon cancer. My opinion has totally changed! Insurance is a very complicated issue with pages of clauses, inclusions and exclusions. When you need to make a claim you want the Team at Horizon Wealth! They have a deep knowledge and understanding of the terminology, the requirements to get the claim through quickly and successfully. The most important thing is they will represent you in the most impactful way to get the best result you deserve. I am thankful that I chose Horizon Wealth to look after my important affairs as the proof is in the results. I received the payment I deserved and it was because the caring team at Horizon Wealth understood what is required to meet the needs of the Insurance company. You cannot do this alone. You need them. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian, Tali and the team at Horizon Wealth."