Bill Bachrach

Values-Based Financial Planning

  • Creating an Inspiring Financial Strategy
  • Setting your Goals
  • Defining your Values
  • Creating the Financial Road Map
  • Getting the most for your Money

Burton Malkiel

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

  • Timeless lessons for Investors
  • The Case for Indexing
  • Importance of Investment Costs
  • The Folly of Market Timing
  • Cost Averaging and Rebalancing
  • Diversification

Burton Malkiel

From Wall Street to the Great Wall

  • The Case for Investing in China
  • The Chinese Economic Revolution
  • Why China should continue to Grow
  • The Overriding Importance of Culture
  • Conclusions

Charles Ellis

Winning the Loser's Game

  • Match your investment program to the realities of the market and work effectively with your investment managers
  • Keep from getting burned by the market's inevitable up-and-down cycles
  • Institute an annual review process that includes both your and your heirs' lifelines
  • Maximize financial success through five stages, from Earning, Saving, and Investing through Estate Planning and Giving

William Bernstein

The Four Pillars of Investing

  • You are rewarded mainly for your exposure to only one thing—risk
  • Over the long haul, it is not that hard to measure the probable return of different asset classes
  • Almost all the differences in the performances of money managers can be ascribed to luck and not to skill
  • The biggest risk of all is failure to diversify properly
  • It’s the behavior of your portfolio as a whole, and not the assets in it, that matters most