Corporate Benefits

Horizon Wealth’s corporate clients range from medium size professional services practices to larger ASX 100 companies with many employees.  Our clients are united by their desire to provide benefit packages to their employees and fulfil a moral responsibility to do the ‘right’ thing.

We serve both Employers and Employees in our role as Corporate Benefits specialists. We recognise that the businesses we work with are challenged by time commitments, and responsibilities that go beyond running a company or managing a human resources department. 

In this ever-changing world of employee expectations, key employee retention and the challenge of providing retirement programs for your company, you often require the expertise of other professionals who can help you make sense of your options.

Our role as your benefit and retirement program specialist is to take those things off your plate that will free your time to focus on other areas and to make your lives simpler.   Horizon Wealth will work with you to provide the right program for your Company and your employees.

You also expect your Corporate Benefits Specialist to be experienced in providing you with perspective - combining their knowledge and understanding of employee benefit programs with their sense of the needs of your Company.